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The Bitch Fix: Health and Hormones for the Modern Woman

Mar 29, 2019

Exhaustion is one of the top complaints of so many women. Why might you be so damn tired all the time? Well, there's a surprisingly long list of potential reasons, so buckle up and grab your notepad so you can figure out YOUR root cause. 


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Mar 26, 2019

Is The Pill robbing your body of critical nutrients? Checking out the impact of the birth control pill on your mood and other hormone systems. 

Mar 19, 2019

Do you get cravings? Most of us do . . . and they might be telling you something! What do your cravings mean, and how can we listen in to find out what might be going on with us and how we can support our bodies and reduce symptoms. 

Mar 19, 2019

Did you know that your female hormones are all part of a complex SYSTEM, the endocrine system, that functions very much like a web? You can't change one thing (aka, your symptoms) without acknowledging the whole complex puzzle. In this episode, you'll learn what that system looks like, the primary drivers of imbalance I...

Mar 19, 2019

It's episode ONE! The ship is launching! This episode is my story--how I went from corporate ladder-climber to functional nutritionist and passionate health advocate, and what you can expect from me on this show.