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The Bitch Fix: Health and Hormones for the Modern Woman

Mar 31, 2022

On part one of this topic, I addressed what I see as the ends of the spectrum in the larger cultural and personal context of weight loss. In part 2, I’m getting into why I think black and white thinking in this arena can be problematic, and how we can start to have a more nuanced, gray-zone conversation and thoughts...

Mar 25, 2022

Discussions around weight, body size and body image can be pretty fraught. I’m wading into these waters with a series on the topic, starting with providing what I see as the current context of the larger conversation, and then considering what might be impacting YOUR particular context.

Mar 17, 2022

On this “best of” episode, we revisit the idea of doing a detox or a cleanse in honor of the start of spring and the spring equinox. I also share why I love the equinoxes of the year as the perfect time for a detox!

Mar 14, 2022

Within the last few decades, fats have been both demonized and hailed. But there's more to the story. The TYPES and QUALITY of your fats have as much if not more to do with the health of your metabolism and hormones as how much you consume. On this episode, what types of fats heal and what types inflame.