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The Bitch Fix: Health and Hormones for the Modern Woman

Apr 28, 2022

Is your menstrual cycle irregular? Do you sometimes miss entire cycles, or you can’t count on if it will come in 25 days or 40? There’s probably a reason why. On today’s episode, 5 reasons why your period might be playing hide and seek.

Apr 21, 2022

Women have been fed a crap story about what happens after menopause--basically, it’s all downhill from here. This may be especially felt by women who’ve been active in their younger years, and worry that life after menopause will mean a rapid physical decline. Not so fast. Enter Dr. Stacy Sims and her...

Apr 14, 2022

Wanna know how to eat to have great sex? I mean, who doesn’t? To the rescue: Christine DeLozier, L.Ac., author of the fantastic book Diet for Great Sex. On the podcast today, you get 2 Christines for the price of 1! Christine and I talk about everything from where exactly you put acupuncture needles for great sex...

Apr 7, 2022

In the last of this 3-part series on weight, I share my thoughts on thoughts, why mindset matters, and why we have to unhook self worth from weight before we can make any lasting changes.

Apr 7, 2022

Bonus! This is a special invitation episode for my new 6-week metabolic reset, The Bitch Fix Anti-Bootcamp. Get the details at