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The Bitch Fix: Health and Hormones for the Modern Woman

Nov 25, 2021

I have an invitation for you, from you. It’s from you at your most alive, bad-ass, energized self. She’s inviting you to come home. Home to your body and yourself, so you can stop feeling like you’re just trying SO.HARD. but nothing is changing. Like you’re taking care of everyone and everything else, while fighting through just not feeling right.

Heavy, cold, tired, wonky, running on fumes. Listen, it’s time to get OUT of the overwhelm and information overload (Google at 2 a.m. anyone?) and just take on a path that WORKS.

That hundreds of women have paved before you. That ultimately leads to you living comfortably in your body instead of pushing your symptoms away to just get through a day. Enrollment is open!

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